Monday, November 26, 2007

A Visit with Grandma Alice

The day after Thanksgiving, we went to Redding to visit Great Grandma Alice. Sydney got very excited when we told her where we were going. She told us, "My really like Grandma "Awice" a lot."

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a very nice Thanksgiving and hope that you did, too.

We went to Aunt Mary and Uncle Steven's house in the afternoon. They had raked up
a big pile of leaves for the kids to jump into. Of course, the kids loved it and had an absolute blast! Sydney and Sam love to play with their cousin, Frank, too.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Our Mommy

Our mommy is the best! She takes care of us so well, she makes great breakfast, lunch and dinner for us and give us snacks and takes us neat places. She reads all our books to us and plays with us and takes us to the park and on walks. She cleans up our messes and gets us dressed and changes nasty poopy diapers. She gives us big hugs and kisses and gives us Eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses, too. She's a great mommy. Sydney, Sam and Daddy love her very much. She takes great care of Daddy, too. Daddy helped us write this. WE LOVE YOU MOMMY!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

November is here!

We went to the Veterans Day Parade in Marysville. The kids loved the fire engines and all the loud motorcycles. Sydney especially liked the people that threw her candy!

Sydney opened the refrigerator door for Sam. Her excuse: "My "wittle brutter" needs a snack."

Daddy reading "Goodnight Moon" to the kids.

Sam got his first black eye. He got into
a fight with a pink Barbie flute and lost...

Sydney worked hard on making a picture of Grandpa Frank out of Play Dough. She later told me that Grandpa has white hair, not pink. So, we decided to make a new that looked a little more like him. I think it turned out pretty well, don't you think? :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

October was lots of fun!

We went to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm with Grandma Billie...Sydney loved the train ride and the animals.

Syd and Sam were both monkeys for Halloween this year.

The kids had lots of fun carving pumpkins. Sydney helped scoop out the insides and Sam tried to eat them with a large metal spoon.

Sydney has really been interested in building towers lately. This one is taller than she is (and she's 3' 2" tall!). The only problem is that Sam likes to knock them down. He started walking the beginning of October and there's no stopping him now!

We finally got the classic spaghetti picture of Sam. He doesn't like to touch anything sticky, so we were shocked when he started digging into his bowl of spaghetti!