Monday, April 28, 2008

Having fun...

Sam has taken quite an interest in beads lately. In fact, he found every single strand and put them all around his neck at once! Then, he saw me with the camera and said, "cheeeeeeeese!" which is why his mouth looks so funny!
Sydney decided that she wanted to look just like her daddy today. So, she got one of his hats and wore it all around the house. The only problem is that if she took her hand off of it, it fell down onto her nose and she couldn't see. Her response: "My just need to keep eatin' my dinner so my will grow a bigger head!"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sydney's "New" Rocking Chair

My grandparents gave me a rocking chair for Christmas when I was 1 1/2 years old. My Grandpa Bob actually made the chair and he must have done a really good job since it has survived all these years. It was really neat to be able to give the chair to Sydney a couple weeks ago. She was so excited! She sat right down and rocked as hard and fast as she could, all the while saying, "You got me a new rocking chair?...thank you, Mommy, thank you!" I told her that Grandpa Bob had made the chair for me when I was a little girl and showed her where my name was on the chair. She looked at me and said, "It says Jamie, but it is Sydney's chair...Grandpa Bob gave it to me...thank you, Grandpa Bob!" She still doesn't accept that the chair used to be mine...she just shows HER new rocking chair to everyone that comes over.

Upside down and all around!

One of Syd and Sam's favorite things to do is to go between my legs and then look up at me upside down. They laugh like crazy the whole time. So, I decided to have the camera ready this time...they are so cute, even upside down!

Happy Easter

Easter was a fun and busy day this year! We started off the day with church and then an Easter egg hunt with cousins Maycie and Roah. Later, lots more family members arrived and we had another Easter egg hunt with cousin Frankie.

Happy 3rd Birthday Sydney!

Our little girl turned three years old on March 16th. She had a Tinker Bell party, which is all she could talk about for weeks before and for weeks after the party. Sydney sat in her Tinker Bell chair to open presents. She just sat there and waited for us to bring the presents to her. We got her a kitchen for her birthday. It was a hit with all the kids.

This is Sydney trying to hold her leg up like Tinker Bell when she flies around.

Sam ate cake until he was about to pop!

We had a Tinker Bell pinata, too.

First Haircuts

Sam had his very first haircut on March 13th. (I did trim around his ears once, but that doesn't count.) He was quite squirmy in the chair, but a lollipop helped quite a bit. He wasn't a big fan of the whole experience, but his hair sure did look better when he was done.I trim Sydney's hair once in a while, but she asked, "Mommy, can my get my hair cut at a hair cut store like my friends do?" So, she got her hair cut, too. She sat perfectly still and was very serious. Sydney dressed up for the occasion, insisting on wearing a dress, tights and her black shoes. After her haircut, she twirled around and said, "My a princess now!"

Fun! Fun! Fun!

We got a swing set and a bounce house the beginning of March. The kids have a blast playing on their new equipment!