Friday, September 19, 2008

Something blue...

Sam went to the doctor today. He has been complaining that his right ear hurts and has been poking his finger inside. So, the doctor took a look inside. She pulled back, with a puzzled look on her face and then looked inside again. She said, "All I see is blue..." She asked me about anything blue he had eaten or touched...but, I couldn't think of anything. Then, she had me take a look with her instrument. I quickly recognized the pattern of the blue object inside Sam's ear as a bead to the bracelet that Sam broke the other day. Sydney was wearing it around the house and Sam decided that he wanted it. When he tried to pull it off of Syd's wrist, it broke and beads flew everywhere. Apparently, Sam decided that he'd save the bead to play with later, huh?

The doctor layed Sam down on a table and shone a very bright light onto his ear. It took three of us to hold him down, while the doctor tried to get the bead out with forceps. The bead was slippery and completely round, so was very difficult to grasp. The doctor was about to give up and send us to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist to extract the bead. But, she tried one last time, with a different instrument and was able to pop the bead out. I threw the bead away and told Sam not to put things in his ear again. He said, "Ok, Mommy, no put ear." Sydney's response to all this..."Hey, where did my bead go? I want it back! Do you have any more in there?"

Never a dull moment...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fort Bragg

We went to Fort Bragg and had a great time! Uncle Roah, Aunt Michele and cousins Maycie and Roah came, too! The cousins had lots of fun playing together.

We went to Ten Mile Beach. The sand was perfect for making a sand castle. We all worked on the castle together. Actually, it was more like a mountain with a moat around it... Young Roah even built a bridge across the moat.

Sam got buried in sand up to his waist by Daddy, Maycie and Sydney.This is what Sam looked like by the end of our time at the beach. This picture only shows his face...notice that there is a fine dusting of sand everywhere! Well, the rest of his body looked exactly the same...and I mean every part of his body! It took lots of soap and an outdoor shower to get it off and even then, we kept finding it in strange places for the next few days. Maycie, Sam and Sydney watched Dora the Explorer on Daddy's laptop one morning. Notice that Sam has his hand on Maycie's knee...I thought that was so cute. Daddy and Sam, standing on the bluff, looking out at the "o-hen" (aka ocean).Sydney had lots of fun exploring everywhere. She especially loved any pile of dirt or interesting rock she could find. Notice that her upper lip looks a little funny...this was actually two days after she took the phrase, "hit the deck" to a whole new level. Michele and I went to the grocery store on Friday and when we came back, Sydney had a very fat lip, skin missing and dried blood on her face and clothes. No one actually saw what happened, but it had something to do with a skateboard and Syd landing on the deck, face first...Sam had lots of fun throwing rocks into the ocean...well ok, towards the ocean.You may have noticed that there are more pictures of Sam than Sydney on this post. Well, that's because every time she saw the camera pointed at her, she did looks a little more like a grimace than a smile, but at least she tries!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Things have been a little crazy lately. There are several things I will blog about as soon as I get a chance to upload all the pictures from the camera to the computer, edit them and choose which ones to post. But, here is a list of things that have occurred since my last post:

*Sam pooped in the potty (maybe a little too much information, but hey, that's big news around here!) Don't worry...I didn't take any pictures! :o)

*We went to Fort Bragg for four days and had a great time! I think the kids still have a little sand in their ears...

*Sydney took her first ballet lesson. She absolutely loved it! The dance studio has a very Christian atmosphere. There are Bible verses painted on the walls and the kids pray at the end of class.

*Sydney counted to 30. Way to go, Sydney!

*Sam counted to 10. Way to go, Sam!

*Funniest Syd and Sam conversation this week: While playing, Sydney said to Sam, "You go, girl!" Sam's reply: "Me boy Nyney!" Sydney: "Ok, you go, boy!" All she meant was for him to go away from where she was playing, but it was so funny to hear that phrase come out of her mouth!

*I joined Baby Boot Camp a couple weeks ago. It is a fitness program that incorporates pushing your kids in a stroller. It's an hour of walking, jogging, toning and resistance training. Oh yeah, and the last ten minutes or so of class is dedicated to making your abs and glutes burn like they have never burned before!

*Mommy has been sick and miserable for the past four days. The kids DO NOT care...they still expect the same level of attention and enthusiasm that they normally get.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


"Small feet...big come pig feet. His feet...her feet...fuzzy fur feet. In the house and on the street, how many different feet you meet!" (from "The Foot Book," by Dr. Seuss)Sydney wears a size 10 shoe.
Guess, what? Her mommy does, too!
Our shoes come from different aisles
and we sure wear different styles.
Sydney loves her toenails to be hot pink
and says that her feet never stink!
She convinced Mommy to paint her toes pink, too
It sure was fun globbing on that pink goo!
So, here are some pictures of Sydney and Mommy's feet
with some of the hottest pink toenails you ever did meet.
Sydney's feet look so much like mine. We even have the same bent toe. You'll notice that a third foot appeared...Sam couldn't miss out on the "foot pisher" (aka foot picture). Sam likes to have his toenails painted, too...I just paint them clear.