Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sydney's preschool class had a Valentine's Day party on Thursday. Sam got to come, too. They exchanged valentines, made crafts and got to decorate their own heart shaped sugar cookie to eat. Notice how thick the frosting and decorations are on Syd's cookie!Sam had a grin on his face pretty much the entire time he was eating his cookie.
Our church had an "I Still Do-Wop" on Valentines Day. Lots of people dressed up in 50's attire. It was lots of fun!
The guys posing in front of a 50's car. (Jimmy, John, Tim, Geoff)
The girls in their poodle skirts. (Leah, Casey, Lisa, Jamie)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hanging out...

I was in the garage, taking care of the laundry. When I came back in the house, it was quiet...too quiet. I was sure that those little stinkers were up to no good. But, to my pleasant surprise, I found this...Sam was sitting in Sydney's lap, snuggled under her Tinkerbell blanket. They were watching Jungle Book (again!). They were actually touching eachother without fighting and even sharing a blanket. If only evey day could be like that!
After taking pictures, I snuggled with them and joined in with my rendition of "Bare Necessities."

Pajama Party

There was a pajama party at Sydney's preschool last week. I was scheduled to help and brought Sam with me. The kids and I all wore our pajamas to school. The kids brought a blanket, pillow and stuffed animal, too. They made necklaces out of cereal and all the kids got to help make fresh squeezed orange juice. Guess who got to be the parent in charge of squeezing the juice, manually? Sam usually stays with me when I'm working in the classroom, but this time I sent him with Sydney and she made sure that he went with her to each station during the day. He did really well...he stayed in his seat and did a good job of following the directions. I was really proud of him! He's getting to be such a big boy!There were kids all over the floor, watching a movie. Sam made sure that he was always next to his sister.There was a yummy breakfast of sausage, french toast sticks, bananas and fresh squeezed orange juice. The walk back to the car (which was parked down the block) was very interesting...we got lots of strange looks as we walked down the sidewalk at 11:45am in our pajamas!