Thursday, August 28, 2008

Conversations with Sydney

Sydney was helping me apply lotion to her body after a bath. She always likes to rub lotion on her tummy. As she was rubbing her tummy she said, "Mommy, when my gets bigger I'm gonna have a baby in my tummy, just like I was in your tummy." I told her she has to grow up, finish college and get married first. Sydney replied, "I'm gonna marry Audrey." I told her she needs to marry a boy, not a girl. She replied, "Ok, then I'll marry Frankie." I told her that she couldn't marry her cousin either. Finally, she said, "Ok, then I'll marry my friend Austin." I told her that would be ok. Then, she said, "Mommy, when I have a baby, I'll be the mommy and you'll be the gramma and Daddy will be the grampa and my husband will be the daddy and I'll be the wife." She said that last sentence with a big, beaming smile, like she had everything all figured out. Watch out Austin! Sydney has plans for you!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sam's 2 year checkup

Sam saw the doctor yesterday. He's doing very well.

Weight: 31 pounds
Height: 35 inches

Just a little side note: Sydney was also 35 inches at her 2 yr checkup, but weighed 35 pounds. She has pretty much stayed at about one pound per inch. Right now she is 40 inches and 40 pounds.

San Francisco

We dropped the kids off with Grandma and Grandpa early Sunday morning and headed to San Francisco. We went to a SF Giants game that afternoon. It was the first time that we'd been to AT&T Park and my first time at a professional baseball game. We had a lot of fun!Later that day, we went to Fisherman's Wharf and then on a sunset cruise of the bay. It was windy and cold, but the wind kept the fog away, so we were able to get a really nice view. On Monday, we drove around San Francisco, visiting Coit Tower and having breakfast in Ghirardelli Square, followed by a drive down the windy Lombard Street and a drive through Golden Gate Park. Then, we went to Point Bonita, where John proposed to me six years ago (on my 25th birthday). It was fun, remembering how he proposed, my response and talking about all the feelings/emotions we were having the last time we stood at that spot. I sure am glad that I said, "YES!" John is a wonderful husband!

Sam's Birthday Party

We had Sam's 2nd birthday party on Saturday, with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. Audrey and Sydney in their matching Tinkerbell dresses and mouse ears.Sam figured out the present opening thing very quickly!Sam decided that it would be really fun to eat his cake like a doggie. He incorporated his hands later, but started off with just his mouth/face.Pinata time! Below is a video of Sam eating his cake. I've watched it several times because it is so cute! I missed most of the eating cake "like a doggie" by the time I thought to record it, but you still get the idea.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our friend Lisa and her two boys, Austin and Hunter joined us on a trip to Fairytale Town and The Sacramento Zoo. We started at Fairytale Town, where the kids played on lots of equipment, saw lots of animals and had an absolutely wonderful time!
After lunch, we went across the street to The Zoo. Sam got to see his favorite animals - giraffes and turtles (or tortoises in this case). He calls them "jaffs" and "tuttles."
We went to the gift shop after we'd seen all the animals. Sydney and Sam got to pick out a toy for Sam's birthday (and for being good during our outing). Sydney picked a big, long stuffed snake. Sam picked...yep, you guessed it...a giraffe and a turtle. He already has stuffed giraffes and turtles, but there was no changing his mind. Sydney kept kissing her snake and commenting on how pretty it was...yes, that's my girl...anything to do with dirt, bugs and/or reptiles. Sam kept showing me his new animals and then he would make them "kiss" by putting their faces together and making kissing noises.
Daddy brought home pizza for dinner, which is one of Sam's favorite foods.
After dinner, Sam got to open his birthday present from Mommy, Daddy and Sydney.A Sesame Street flip open sofa! He was so excited...he plopped his little bottom right down on the sofa, a big grin plastered on his face. Then he looked over at Sydney and patted the spot next to him, asking her to join him. It was very cute.Then, he folded out the sofa to make a bed. He didn't stay down long...he had too much fun switching it from a sofa into a bed and back again! Next, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Sam and he (with Daddy's help) blew out his candle. Sam didn't want a fork...he decided to eat caveman style!

Happy Birthday Sam! We love you so much! You are such a sweet little boy!
One day old.
One year old.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband!

John turned 41 years old today. We had family over to celebrate.We took this picture of ourselves...just being cheezy!John blew out all of the candles with a single breath. I made the ice cream cake...not too bad for my first try.Sam, the little wild man.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ewww! Gross!

The following occurred on the way to drop Sydney off at preschool this morning:

Syd: Mommy, I have a booger on my finger! (waving her finger back and forth)
Mom: Ok, hold on and I'll get you a Kleenex (as I frantically search behind my seat for the box)
Syd: That's ok Mommy...I already ate it!
Mom: Oh, Sydney that is really gross! (holding back my gag reflex)
Syd: It tasted just like a mushroom!

Note: This led to quite a discussion on why we DO NOT eat boogers!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Nevada County Fair

We went to the Nevada County Fair yesterday. Uncle Roah, Aunt Michele and cousins Maycie and Roah came, too. We had lots of fun, but sure needed a bath afterwards! Lots and lots of fine red dirt!Sam put on his hat and sunglasses and was ready to go!The merry go round...Sydney's favorite ride! Sydney wanted to ride the "princess" horse and Sam wanted the "Zeeba."The kids loved watching the miniature dog races. Afterwards, there was a 20 minute playtime with the cute little dogs. Sydney and Maycie really liked the poodle. Sam would sit down on the grass and wait for dogs to come to him. But, once they did, he usually got (playfully) attacked!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Yuba-Sutter Fair

We went to the Yuba-Sutter Fair on Friday, which was Kids' Day. We met Aunt Bobbie and Cousin Frank there, too. The kids had a blast on all the rides! We had only planned on staying for two hours, but ended up staying for four!

They had a large area filled with things for kids to do. Of course, Sydney and Sam went straight for the dirt, sat down in it and stayed there. Good thing, too, since a reporter for the Appeal-Democrat happened to be standing nearby, took their picture and asked for their information. And guess who was on the front page of the newspaper Saturday morning...Sydney and Sam, playing in the sand!
Sydney insisted on holding Frankie's hand whenever we were walking. Her reason: "My don't want you to get losed."