Friday, October 31, 2008

Parents Night

Wednesday was Parents Night at Sydney's dance school. Usually, parents are not allowed in the classroom and instead, sit in the lobby and watch the class on a video screen. But, this time, we got to sit in her ballet class and watch. We were really impressed! The teacher would direct the students in French and they all understood. This explains why lately, when I ask Syd a question, she sometimes answers, "Oui."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm (Trip #2)

Four days after our first trip to the pumpkin farm, we went again with Grandma Billie. We went on a Monday morning, so there were very few school groups and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. The kids wanted to go on the train ride first, of course. Then we headed off to the petting zoo...this is the goat that wouldn't stop bugging Sydney.They were both really excited that they got to brush the goats.Look! Three "kids" in the barn!A trip to Bishop's just isn't complete without watching the chicken show and pig races. Sydney had fun playing in a wooden train...
And in the school bus!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bishop's Pumpkin Farm (Trip #1)

Sydney had her first school field trip last week. Sydney was so excited to go to Bishop's Pumpkin Farm with all of her "Jack and Jill Preschool friends and their mommies."First, we went on a train ride. Both kids loved it!Sydney got to pick out her first pumpkin. The past few years, we've skipped the hay ride out to the pumpkin patch and just bought pumpkins at the store...I remembered why, as I was holding Sam, the diaper bag, two dirty pumpkins and holding Sydney's hand...and then had to walk across the pumpkin patch (trying not to trip over any vines) making my way back to the wagon! :0)Sydney pulled Sam onto her lap on the way back to the farm. Her reason: "I don't want my little brutter to fall out and bump his noggin."Sam enjoyed playing on the tractors.The kids loved the chicken show and pig races. Sydney sat by her good friend, Lauren.The kids all had a snack and some fresh apple cider before heading off to the petting zoo. Sydney wasn't sure what to think about the goats that were tall enough to look her right in the eye. Sam ran straight for the barn and poked his head out, playing peek-a-boo with the animals.
I took this while on the other side of the chicken coop. Sam was yelling "Cocka-doo-doo" to the chickens. (Note that he stepped in his fair share of cockadoodoo, too!)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our Pumpkin

John's office had a "non-carving" pumpkin decorating contest. I searched the internet for a creative idea and decided to try this one...using pieces cut out of magazines to make a face. I found eyes, a nose, mouth, ears, eyebrows, hair and even a hair clip. To finish it off, I used a pair of Sydney's Dora stick-on earrings. The project took far longer than I had planned, but was very fun! There were lots of very creative entries. No word yet on who won the contest...

Sam and Daddy

I took this picture of Sam the other day at the pumpkin patch (more pictures to follow). There was something about this picture that reminded me of John's baby pictures. So, I went digging through his old album and found some pictures of John at around 18 months old. I couldn't find any at age two, but close enough... There is no doubt that Sam takes after John. John even had curly hair!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Squeaky clean!

After painting all morning, it was time for a bath. They turned the water a very strange color, with all that paint on their skin and hair. Aren't they the cutest little frog and hippo?
They had fun with the mirror...making faces, jumping around, kissing, etc. It was really cute.

Fun with Paint!

The kids were very excited when I told them that we were going outside to paint. But, after they got their aprons on and actually got to touch paint, they could barely contain themselves!
Sam got purple paint all over his face and up his nose. This led to a discussion about NOT picking your nose! There's still a hint of purple each time I wipe his nose...Sydney painted her hand and made handprints all over the paper. Then, she decided that Sam needed to make footprints... Then, Sam decided that he needed to wash his the rinse water for the painbrushes! Of course, he tipped the bowl of hideously colored water all over himself. We were done painting soon after...

Pillow Fight!

I was in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner, when I heard a whole lot of commotion. I went to investigate and found pillows from the couches in the playroom flying through the air!
Sam got knocked down and needed some love.