Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Conversations with Syd and Sam

* While walking through the WinCo parking lot, Sydney saw an old station wagon with wood paneling on the sides. Her eyes got really big and she said, "Mommy, that car is made of wood. I've never seen a car made out of wood before! Did they have wooden cars when you were my age? Did they have cars when you were my age?"

*While walking along the sidewalk in front of Raleys, Sydney saw a woman talking on a pay phone. "What is she doing Mommy?" She's talking on the phone. "Why does that phone have a string on it? I explained that some phones have cords. I also explained the concept of a pay phone. "Why doesn't she just use the phone in her purse?"

*While sitting at the dinner table..."Mommy, I need to send Landon (Warta) a wedding invitation." Why? "Cuz I am going to marry him and lots of people are going to come watch and when we're all done, I'm gonna be Sydney Warta!" Note that Sydney has never been to a wedding or seen a wedding...she just seems to have figured it all out somehow!

*Sam: "I Bam and I THREE!" while holding up five fingers.

*Sydney was drawing on the Magna Doodle. She had me draw her a picture of a girl and then she wanted to put makeup on her and complete the finishing touches. When I came back to her room, her drawing was complete. The girl had little dots all over her face. I asked if she gave the girl freckles. Sydney's reply, "No, Mommy! That's a picture of you! Those are boo-boo's (pimples) all over your face!" I feel so loved... :o)

*Sam came out of Sydney's room, dressed in full Snow White attire...matching dress, purse, crown and high heels. I told him he looked so beautiful. His response, putting his purse free hand on his hip: "Mommy, I not byooiful, I a handsome princess!"


Tim, Casey, Landon, and Claire said...

Yeah! So happy to see that you updated your out-dated blog. :) Love all the adorable and yet frank, kid's quotes. Keep the updates coming!


so cute and nice to see all the pictures.