Thursday, April 23, 2009


The kids had lots of Easter fun! They dyed eggs at Sydney's preschool. This was their first time, since I haven't been brave enough to do it at home yet! Sam refused to use a spoon...he found that putting your fingers into the dye was way more fun!They decorated cupcakes at school, too. I don't know if Sydney had enough topping on hers...Sam just kept eating the frosting. We attended a family gathering the day before Easter. We saw lots of family and the kids had an Easter egg hunt. I made bunny cupcakes. They turned out really cute!
My "big" kids.
Sydney was really excited to see what was inside the eggs she had gathered.
So was Sam!
Easter morning.
We went to Aunt Mary's house in the afternoon. We had lots of good food, got to visit with lots of people and the kids found LOTS of eggs!

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Liked it.... your new house.... :)