Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sam is potty trained!

A friend gave me some information on a potty training technique that worked for her two year old. It required that I stay by Sam's side for at least three days, so I decided to try it over Easter vacation so that I wouldn't have to bring Syd to school. It actually took more like five days of not leaving the all! But, it worked. Sam threw all of his diapers into a garbage bag and only wore underwear for this diapers or pull-ups allowed. The first few days were rough! Lots of messes to clean up! By day three, he was really starting to get it and by day five, he was doing great! He wakes up dry every morning and if he needs to go potty during the night, he just calls for me and I help him. He is doing so well! I am so proud of him! But, it makes me a little sad, too. He's growing up so fast!

Oh, one more thing...he got to pee outside (on a bush) for the first time the other day. You should have seen his face! Sydney was really irritated that I made her go in the house. She wanted to know why her pee pee didn't have a "hose like Sam's."

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Honey Will wishes said...

hahah. as a parents, sometimes hope the kid grow up quickly, sometimes hope he still keep under of age two.